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Boulders near Maninoa beach in Samoa’s Upolu island, south coast

making a few ozzie friends

bruno practicing some traditional/pop Samoan dance moves


the overpriced and uncomfortable fale’s of Lalomanu. a flapping plastic tarp on a stormy, windy night? not good.


the gorgeous public buses of samoa

oooohhhhhh….aganoa how i miss u……..absolute paradise

our cozy fale

is this beach not perfect in every way???


we had a swim a nearby freshwater lagoon, with shrimp inside!




what’s up jack


chilling out with the crew


where’s the wave, where is it

paradise, i insist


the crew, from left to right: bruno, luke, jack, chris, lou, alex, marty, and moi

bye samoa



welcome to the pacific islands. this is the northwestern corner of Tonga’s main island, Tongatapu. Hatafu


typical burial mounds

through the village on the way to the beach. they really love their king…

recycling bins

it was the dog that insisted on getting on the board…

don’t we all get sleepy at work….here the local food market.

root vegetables are the most common crop here, mainly “taro”

what’s wrong with this picture?? its the wrong way around!!! this huge sign is smack in front of the tourist information office!!!!


the powerful blowholes

this is Eua, a small island of Tonga just south of Tongatapu. whales of all kinds, mainly the humpbacks, migrate through these waters, under which lies the Tonga trench (the second deepest in the world)

you just look out to sea and within five mintues you will see them…amazing…this one did a back-flip for us!

our guesthouse and walkway leading to the lookout platform

newfound friends…



our guide to the other side of the island

from the clifftops, a roaring sea beneath an ominous storm

beautiful gliding birds with long tails (i dont know the name…)

the beach on the other side

hiking through the forest to get there

a bit of rock-climbing

a bit of caving


and off we go home through the fields


North Island – New Zealand

Raglan on the nz’s north island, west coast


our sexy campervan!

i had to show you this 😉 the name derives from the Maori name of an endemic bird (now extinct)

a grumpy and bossy driver

view of the great Taranaki volcano

in the snow-covered forest of Taranaki



this is new zealand, rolling velvety green hills dotted with sheep and cows. everywhere.

on the Forgotten World Highway through the backcountry


that’s what i say…

the Bay of Islands

cooking in our comfy campervan

pothole reflections, sunset, clouds



paying respects to massive ancient trees in the Waipoua Forest


the Four Sisters

Te Matua. the largest living Kauri tree in the world (more than 2000 years old). so strong, yet so peaceful.

treehugging 😉


Piha beach, West Coast, close to Auckland



on the way to Karekare beach (where The Piano was filmed)



Sydney – Australia

around surrey hills in beautiful sydney with our friend and host tom-oh

the opera house




bruno’s dying glasses make their last appearance

stumbled across some familiar buildings… 😉

from inside the contemporary art gallery  (that’s artwork on the walls)


more grafitti art

the lush botanic gardens, the envy of any contemporary city

instead of hundreds of pigeons….hundreds of cockatoos!! i was in heaven…


pef (pierre) and me at manly beach

wannabe gidget

pef and bruno

on the ferry across the harbor

oops, there they are again!

panoramics of this postcard bay


down the coast at Tamarama, south of Sydney

bruno riding at Maroubra, the land of the bra boys

ronnie!! a good ol’ friend…it was great to see you again


poster boys from left to right, tomoh, bruno and pef


“sharky’s” beach…yikes!

tomoooooh u little rascal


nothing like huddling in front of a crackling fire in an ocean-front pub in winter while waiting for a ice-cold ale and chips (fries). 


during our layover in singapore en route to sydney we ventured out to the center for a snapshot of the city. here, the main shopping drag.

a nice residential area. sorry, this is all we had time for.

West Sumbawa – Indonesia

welcome to sumbawa. this is how the fix flat tires over here.

view of the sparkling turqoise bay of Maluk



having lunch at Maluk

turqoise kitty eyes to match

i want to go swimming

bruno’s dilapidated sunnies

another sunset, with fisherman, jelenga beach


jelenga beach in front of little bingin, close to our guesthouse

im tired after a hard day’s surf

scar reef (its called that way for a reason)

Nemberala, Rote – Indonesia

the beautiful island of Rote, just off of West Timor

postcard bays

our beachfront in nembrala



postcard waves (bruno riding)


Brad riding

annugerah guest house, coziest place in nembrala

bruno and tom-oh

the crew getting ready for an island adventure, a boat trip to neighboring island of xxx.  (its a secret)

brian, nic, chris and me

an hour and a half to xxx


arrival at the island, uninhabited but for a military base


we made it! thanks to mr. anus, on my left. (yes, thats his name, its not his fault it reads this way in english!)

the crew at lunch. from left to right: cath, mr. anus, brian, chris, nic, bruno, me, brad and cam the kiwi and tom-oh the frenchman are somewhere outside the frame

im leading the way

this is for real

back in West Timor. taking a taxi to the airport to go to Sumbawa (via various connections and means of transport to Bali, then Lombok…)

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