welcome to the pacific islands. this is the northwestern corner of Tonga’s main island, Tongatapu. Hatafu


typical burial mounds

through the village on the way to the beach. they really love their king…

recycling bins

it was the dog that insisted on getting on the board…

don’t we all get sleepy at work….here the local food market.

root vegetables are the most common crop here, mainly “taro”

what’s wrong with this picture?? its the wrong way around!!! this huge sign is smack in front of the tourist information office!!!!


the powerful blowholes

this is Eua, a small island of Tonga just south of Tongatapu. whales of all kinds, mainly the humpbacks, migrate through these waters, under which lies the Tonga trench (the second deepest in the world)

you just look out to sea and within five mintues you will see them…amazing…this one did a back-flip for us!

our guesthouse and walkway leading to the lookout platform

newfound friends…



our guide to the other side of the island

from the clifftops, a roaring sea beneath an ominous storm

beautiful gliding birds with long tails (i dont know the name…)

the beach on the other side

hiking through the forest to get there

a bit of rock-climbing

a bit of caving


and off we go home through the fields



2 Responses to “Tonga”

  1. 1 fevah September 1, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    ‘Eua rocks and I love it. Great pics guys

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